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Since the late nineties I’ve been exploring an intersection of rational world and underground electronic music culture, enjoying the journey in various ways - raving, listening, researching, playing, organizing, curating, sharing, building communities together. I see “the scene" as an intriguing form of intellectual community of mutual contributors exchanging energy, knowledge and spirituality, and I like to be involved in this magic in multiple ways, in a non-artist-centric manner.

My main project Cinnamint oscillates around techno, IDM and ambient and could be floating, groovy, spacey or so..

I also have a psychedelic side-project called Dodecaedre and an experimental collaboration with my friend and Artmospheric partner Kliment - IDMT. There is one more thing reflecting my alternative/new-wave requisite but still in the dark, it might become real soon.

Mikhail Stoyanov
Sofia, 2020


My digital electronic live act is modeled as a showcase tool for works in progress and patterns structured in a live chain which is closest as possible to the environment where a track is being produced, reusing the existing channel strips and routing, and building a dynamic arrangement by receiving MIDI notes, triggers and control changes for a complete real-time flow with minimum pre-rendered elements used.


I am an old-school deejay. From my personal perception nothing can be compared to a good vinyl record processed through a quality signal chain. Less conversion - better experience for the body and the soul. :) Apart from the sound, I can’t imagine deejaying without the element of digging a physical collection in search for the right track, specific to the moment and context. You never know what could appear in between and bring the journey to unknown direction.


Occasionally I make sound for contemporary theatre performances and installations.
Selected performances:

  • “2Replicate” - interactive audio environment for contemporary theatre performance w/ Georgi Christov (visuals), Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova (dance), Evgenia Sarbeva (scenography) - National Theathre “Ivan Vazov", Sofia (2012)
  • “Своевременно” - corridor delay installation - Youth Theatre “Nikolay Binev”, Sofia (2016)
  • “ Textures” - audio-visual live performance w/ Kliment Dichev, Lora Rounevska and Alexander Petrov - Red House Centre For Debate and Culture, Sofia (2010)
  • “Orik Festival” - audio-visual live 3d mapping performance w/ Phormatik Visual Lab - Sofia (2015)


I love to invite old and new, known and unknown friends to play their sound around, interchange ideas and experience, and rave together. Usually this happens within Artmospheric Festival and Contemporary Techno Structures events.


Learn To Fly records is launching in the near future, watch out!


You can find below several recordings of my projects.

Contact / Booking

To get in touch, send me an email to cinnamint at artmospheric org. If you are interested in having me playing at your event, let me know. I am not part of a booking agency.

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30/05 PsySpring open-air (DJ, multiple sets)
01/08 Ozora The Dome (live, as IDMT)
06/08 MoDem (live, as IDMT)
07/08 MoDem (DJ)
16/08 Waha (DJ)

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